Dr Fate Vs Scarlet Witch (2023)

1. DCEU Dr. Fate vs MCU Scarlet Witch - Battles - Comic Vine - GameSpot

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  • Kent Nelson Wanda Maximoff Rules In-character Win by any means Wanda has access to the Darkhold Kent has standard Gear Fight takes place in the Gap J

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    (Video) Scarlet Witch VS Doctor Fate - Who Will Win? | MCU vs DCEU | BATTLE ARENA

3. Doctor Fate vs Scarlet Witch - Who would win in a fight?

  • Superhero Battle match: Doctor Fate versus Scarlet Witch. Who will win in a fight between Doctor Fate and Scarlet Witch?

4. DC: 5 Marvel Heroes Doctor Fate Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

  • Aug 25, 2020 · Doctor Fate, who is an agent of the Lords of Order, could not defeat someone as immersed in chaos magic as Scarlet Witch. 1 DEFEAT: Wiccan.

  • DC's Doctor Fate has access to a vast array of magical powers, but would they be enough to defeat these Marvel heroes?

    (Video) Doctor Fate Vs Scarlet Witch

5. The Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics) Vs Doctor Fate (DC Comics) | Fandom

  • Nov 23, 2022 · Dr Fate gets higher into outer than Wanda. Even if he doesn't, he's more experienced and has better control over his mental state.

6. DCEU Doctor Fate vs MCU Scarlet Witch | SpaceBattles

  • Dec 18, 2022 · I'm probably wrong, but my first instinct is that Doctor Fate is just too hard to pin down for someone like Scarlet Witch.

    (Video) Doctor Fate Vs Scarlet Witch

  • -Starts 50 metres apart in the abandoned sanctum sanctorum -Win by Death/KO (No BFR) -Both in character -No prep or prior knowledge -Dr Fate as of Black Adam and SW as of Post-MOM

7. Just Some Black Nerds - Scarlet Witch(Marvel) Vs Dr.Fate(DC) #JSBN ...

  • May 29, 2021 · Scarlet Witch(Marvel) Vs Dr.Fate(DC) #JSBN #DC #Marvel.

  • Scarlet Witch(Marvel) Vs Dr.Fate(DC) #JSBN #DC #Marvel

    (Video) who is strongest || dr fate vs scarlet witch

8. The Lost Issues!: Doctor Fate and Scarlet Witch - Super-Team Family

  • Jun 9, 2017 · The connection between Dr. Fate and Blue Beetle is that they both use magical Ancient Egyptian artifacts. The origin story for the Blue Beetle's ...

  • A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened... but should have!


Is Dr. Fate more powerful than Scarlet Witch? ›

Scarlet Witch is likely to win in a fight against Dr. Fate because her powers come with fewer limitations. It might be true that Dr. Fate is empowered by one of the strongest cosmic entities in the universe, but his capabilities are quite limited because he doesn't have Nabu's full power.

Who can defeat Dr. Fate easily? ›

Nabu: Nabu is an ancient and powerful magician who has been a recurring enemy of Dr. Fate. In some storylines, Nabu has been able to defeat Dr. Fate through his superior knowledge and control of magic.

What is Dr. Fate's weakness? ›

Fate's main weakness is that his physical form can be stressed and destroyed. It is also revealed that Dr. Fate was not meant to be either male or female, but both united as one, and that unless this is realized Dr. Fate can never reach his full potential.

Who is the strongest version of Doctor Strange vs strongest version of Scarlet Witch? ›

Who is more powerful in their strongest version of themselves in Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange or the Scarlet Witch? In terms of raw power, the Scarlet Witch is considered to be one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe.

Who in DC can beat Scarlet Witch? ›

Scarlet Witch's powers have allowed her greater feats, but Raven has powers Scarlet Witch can't match. Raven's mental skills are far greater than Scarlet Witch's, which will deliver her the win.

Can Black Adam beat Scarlet Witch? ›

While Scarlet Witch can be beaten by certain Marvel Characters, she is far stronger than Black Adam in enough ways that she could take him down, as Scarlet Witch's magical abilities easily outclass Black Adam's own. Her powers are much stronger, and she has access to far more abilities than Black Adam.

Which Avenger can beat Dr. Fate? ›

Trained in the nature-based magic of the Sarcee people, Shaman is one of the most powerful, versatile, and unique mystics in the Marvel Universe. While it would be a brutal fight, he has more than enough tricks to be able to take down Doctor Fate.

Who is the Marvel equivalent of Dr. Fate? ›

Marvel has Doctor Strange, and DC has Doctor Fate. Both figures even have a fancy cape to sell the wizard look.

How overpowered is Dr. Fate? ›

Invulnerability: Dr. Fate could withstand military weapons and a explosion which could destroy a mansion. Telekinesis: when used in conjunction with his helmet, this ability was powerful enough to move a planet. Without it, Fate could be strong enough only to lift cars.

Who is Dr. Fate's biggest enemy? ›

Wotan is frequently portrayed as the primary antagonist of Doctor Fate. Originally a female who obtained her powers through sorcery, Wotan later underwent reincarnation in a male form.

Can Superman destroy Dr. Fate's helmet? ›

Was able to break Dr. Fate's helmet.

Who is the strongest Dr. Fate variant? ›

Doc Fate, the adventurer hero from Earth-20 and the leader of S.O.S., is the best version of Doctor Fate in the entire DC Multiverse.

Which Wanda versions are the strongest? ›

15 Most Powerful Variants Of The Scarlet Witch In Marvel Comics
  • 8 Antimony.
  • 9 Ultimate Scarlet Witch. ...
  • 10 Onslaught Reborn. ...
  • 11 Golden Witch. ...
  • 12 MC2. ...
  • 13 Gypsy Witch. ...
  • 14 Scarlet Warlock. ...
  • 15 The Witch. The Witch, Wanda Maximoff from Earth-8823, shares the same powers as the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch. ...
Nov 21, 2022

Who is the strongest avenger in multiverse of madness? ›

Scarlet Witch

While her status as an Avenger is uncertain due to her recent villainous turn in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it's clear that she remains the most powerful among Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

How is the scarlet witch more powerful than dr strange? ›

Unlike Doctor Strange, Wanda was born with her chaos magic capabilities, therefore having her whole life to hone her skills. Wanda's Chaos Magic received a significant power boost from the Mind Stone, granting Scarlet Witch the aptitude for spontaneous creation and enough energy to take on Thanos single-handedly.

Who is Dr. Fate stronger than? ›

Dr. Fate is physically strong enough to lift an airplane and overpowers several gorillas. He was strong enough to match and overpower the evil Superman with physical force.

Is Dr. Fate the most powerful? ›

As the most powerful magic user in the DC Universe, few can stand against Doctor Fate, including his own allies. Doctor Fate is one of DC Comics' oldest and strongest heroes.

Who is Doctor Fate stronger than? ›

Dr Fate is the second most powerful sorcerer in DC. He is believed to also be the most powerful member of the Justice League who can defeat beings as powerful as Martian Manhunter. Because of this he has achieved many outstanding feats like: Telepathically moves a planet.


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